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"Save on the cost of repairing your roof"

Is your roof looking old and neglected, suffering from storm damage or old age wear and tear? If so, then it’s time to repair that leaky roof. We provide roof repair services in Birmingham to all types and styles of roofing. Need your pitched or flat roof repaired but not sure where to start? We can help you find the best roof repair services at a price to suit your budget.
All types of roofs require some maintenance and regular checks, especially after severe weather. Irregularities could result in leaks, causing damage not only to your roof, but also to the interior of our home. The sooner you address a fault with your roof, the cheaper the repairs are likely to be, so why live with a leaky or damaged roof when professional roofers in Birmingham are standing by to fix the problem?

Tile Repair

Roof tiles have a long life expectancy but they do sometimes get damaged, severe high winds or frost damage can cause a tile to crack or break. Another common fault is “nail fatigue” – or corrosion of the nails used to fix the tiles to the roof. Whatever the reason, it is wise to have your roof looked at periodically by a roofer to check for signs of missing tiles or tiles that have slipped. If you spot a problem you should act immediately – a leaking roof will only get worse. It is always best to consult a roof expert rather than trying to undertake a repair yourself. Not only is it safer, but if the problem is caused by rusting of the fixing nails, it could be an indicator that your roof is going to need further maintenance work.

Slate Tile Repair

If your roof has cracked or missing roof slates rain water will get in and could cause considerable damage, these slates need to be replaced. Sometimes the slate is not damaged and has simply slipped out of place, most likely to be caused by corrosion on the securing nail. Over time slates suffer from nail fatigue and repairs need to be carried out to prevent water ingress.

Lead Flashing 

Harborne Roofing can repair or replace any lead flashing on your roof that has become damaged, adrift, or degraded. Our qualified roofing specialists are able to carefully look at your roof to identify any issues with your flashing. Our roofers can repair step flashing made from lead, and other types of sheet metal.
We can also re-point any step flashing on your roof where the existing sealant has become perished, cracked, or degraded.

Flat Roof Repairs

A flat roof generally has a life expectancy of 15 - 20 years, however it is nothing unusual for a flat roof to last up to 25years.
One of the main reasons for failure of these type roofs is old age wear and tear or lack of maintenance.
Failing to maintain flat roofs can cause cracking and blistering over time and eventually water gets in resulting in roofing leaks and ruined decorations.


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